How to Choose the Right Bathroom Mirror?

Start by measuring your Smart Bathroom Mirror dimensions' height, width, and depth. You can use these measurements to determine whether you need a vanity with storage or a standalone mirror. Every interior advises considering your own as good height, sink size, and wall space.How to Choose the Right Bathroom Mirror?

Choosing a rectangular, square, or round Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors depends on your aesthetic preference and space. Framed and frameless options are the best pick for all three shapes that will impact your space's overall feel. You can also mount some vertically or horizontally to give you more flexibility.

Storage is one of the most common features of a bathroom mirror. By hiding bathroom essentials away in this way, you won't have to clutter your countertop. But, ensure your model doesn't stick out too much, so you have easy access to your sink.

You might want to find a magnifying tabletop or hanging mirror if you frequently apply makeup. This can replace your standard vanity mirror in a compact space or be used in addition. Alternatively, if your bathroom does not have good natural lighting, consider mirrors with built-in LED lighting to help illuminate the space.

Your bathroom vanity just arrived, and you're looking for a mirror to go with it? How big should the mirror be? Choosing the right mirror size for your vanity can be do in several ways.

The width of your countertop determines a mirror's width

Your first step should be to measure the width of your countertop. The length of your countertop should be use as the measurement for your mirror. You can determine the size of your mirror by choosing one that is 1-2 inches smaller than the countertop of your bathroom vanity. In addition, many people prefer to keep the mirror flush with the vanity.

The mirror's height

As important as the mirror's width is its height. It will be easier for tall people to understand. Make sure the mirror is tall enough so that your head won't be cut off when you look into it. This can be fix if you purchase a taller mirror or place it higher above the vanity.

Is it better to have a larger mirror than a smaller cabinet?

The mirror can still have a wider width than the cabinet. However, having a long mirror in your bathroom might look awkward if it is too large. Opt for a long mirror that is only one or two inches wider if you insist on having one.

How do you get double mirrors?

Additionally, double mirrors are common. Vanities with multiple sinks usually have double mirrors. The double mirrors might look awkward and unusable on a single sink vanity where the sink is usually in the middle. The same strategies listed above can be applied to double mirrors as well. You are good to go as long as the height of your vanity allows you to see your head and your mirror do not exceed the width of your cabinet. has many different bathroom vanity sets that already include matching mirrors. We can help you choose the best mirror for your vanity if you call with questions about mirrors or vanity sets.

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